A Letter from Audrey


My name is Audrey. If you’ve been to “The Bear” you probably know me as “Huck’s granddaughter”. Well granddaughter I am. With some guidance from my mother, I run my grandfather’s establishment with all my focus on making him proud. My “Papa”, as his grandchildren call him, along with my grandmother are very celebrated by all of us and close to our hearts.

Papa purchased this building in 1982, partnering with his friend John. Before I was even a thought in my mother’s mind, Huck “Little” and John “Bear” created the now Tiverton staple known as Li’l Bear. John left the business some years later to pursue other endeavors, leaving my Papa to run the place solo. Having my incredible, best friend of grandmother and five children at home, Papa put his all into this place. In fact he puts his heart in everything he does, even his personal comedy act, but that’s another story.

Working extremely hard to support his family, he, in the mean time, brought his vision to life here in Tiverton. Papa can maybe grant his success to relating to the residents of the town, who are also very devoted to quality, hard work. The value of community was and is crucial to my grandfather, choosing to have a large majority of his ingredients and services rendered from local businesses and laborers.

Over the years the business became a place where you knew everyone’s name, a sort of friends and family meeting spot. Today that concept still resides and it is my great pleasure to help Papa keep his business alive, even into his 80’s. Stubborn as a mule, he still comes to work every morning to check on the place and enjoy his breakfast. He enjoys getting to know his patrons and seeing them come back.

Overall, I am write you this as a girl who loves her grandfather more than anything. No other man has ever been so good to me and I am here to welcome you into our Li’l Bear family in homage to my amazing, humble, witty and sometimes even hell raising Papa. My attempt is to make him a portion of as proud as he’s made me and to do that, I am here to make you happy as well. My wonderful staff and I are focused on your experience and look forward to and truly appreciate your presence with us here at Li’l Bear. Thank you for your support, which in exchange helps me support a very personal cause.